Founded in 1998, Oxbridge is an award-winning, full-service Real Estate company.
Oxbridge has successfully completed Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects.
Spanning the Mid-Atlantic Region, Oxbridge operates comfortably in multiple jurisdictions.

The Oxbridge Group

More than just a Real Estate company. A true partner in achieving sustainable, high quality solutions.

At Oxbridge, we believe there is a better way to do real estate. A more constructive, more harmonious way where properties are put to their best and highest use through collaboration. Where we treat our customers as well as we treat our investors. Where we leave communities better than the way we found them.

Founded in 1998, Oxbridge specializes in value-add and opportunistic real estate projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We maintain a strong commitment to the environment and the neighborhoods in which we operate. We deliver results throughout the ups and downs of market cycles. And we always deliver.

We welcome you to learn more about us–let’s find a way to work together.


Our portfolio speaks better than words!

A proven track record.

Success is built upon a discerning eye, meticulous execution and steadfast dependability.



The Full Spectrum of Real Estate Development, Construction and Management

Real Estate from A to Z

The intersection of Finance, Land Planning, Project Management and Community Relations.

Real estate development is a complex and multifaceted process that involves a wide range of activities, from acquiring land and obtaining permits to constructing and managing properties. Each stage of the development process presents its own unique challenges and requires specialized expertise to navigate successfully.

The team at The Oxbridge Group has a proven ability to execute on all fronts of the Real Estate spectrum and at every stage of the Real Estate cycle.

We have seen the ups and the downs, and we know how to capitalize throughout.

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How we work

Seeing what others don’t see.


Property Identification & Acquisition

Oxbridge performs an exhaustive review on all prospective acquisitions. We don’t hesitate to say no to deals that don’t make sense.


Value Add Discovery

Whether through land use, development, construction or improved management, Oxbridge creates a value component to the property that did not exist prior.



Oxbridge determines how to maximize monetization of the asset, inclusive of identifying the right buyer and the right time to sell.


Value Realization

Oxbridge realizes the value it created, delivering returns to investors and paving the way for the next successful project.

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The Oxbridge Group

Let us help guide you through the complexities of the real estate process.

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